C300 has all the Bells and Whistles

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Canon C300The Canon C300 is finally starting to ship, and so far the verdict seems to be that C300 = "Awesome" – see the linked video and you’ll get it…  You can also check out my initial review of the camera HERE.  And it’s true – in terms of imaging, the C300 is really quite impressive.  However, you’ll quickly find yourself needing a rig to mount traditional cine/doc accessories to the C300.  The C300 was built as most camcorders are – without much thought to allowing for mounting points for accessories and that remains something that I hope they take into account with their next camera (besides not being able to over crank 60 fps or more at full resolution.

Author: Vincent Laforet, Director/ Cinematographer.

Brand Preservation

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Branding is fundamental to distinguishing your product/service from others that may be similar and influence those which are complementary. In branding it is also important that a company does not undermine its product by representing itself below the standards expected or below the standards of its “Class.” The perfect example of this is the new highly acclaimed 3 minute Cartier advertisement production! It has created a major stir among major industry players. Ad Age has reported that it cost approximately $5.3 million to produce excluding the advertisement airtime; and a turnaround time of 2 years from Pre-Production to Final Output.

This high end production does an excellent job of creating nostalgia and an emotional connection with its target audience.  It has excelled at matching its product class with the promotional material it produces. We couldn’t possibly expect a company of Cartier’s caliber to produce a video costing anything less than $5.3 million. Perhaps this ad has opened the market for your company to invest in a short film promotional piece!

Neighborhood Watch

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Do you ever get irritated whenever the movie trailers give away too much of the  Story. By the time  you actually watch the movie,  you suddenly realized that they cut every last cool scene together which ends up ruining the experience. I missed the days when trailers actually did their jobs well.  I recently visited the  IMDB website; http://www.imdb.com/list/Ukyzda-4KHI/#play-all and came upon this hilarious trailer. Now thats how you make a trailer! What do you think? Leave a comment directly on the time line while you watch.

The Movie is set to be released July 27, 2012.
 To find out more info about the film, you can visit jointhewatch.com. See IMDB info below

Suburban dads form a neighborhood watch group to get time away from their families, only to discover a plot to destroy Earth.


Akiva Schaffer


Seth Rogen (screenplay)Evan Goldberg(screenplay)and 1 more credit »

Welcome to my Blog!

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This is the first blog post on our new website.

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